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Judging in 45 minutes - Send your presentations

Please send your presentations to Ope@goroadi.com


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Details for submissions and presentations

Homestretch! Here are few details for what is coming up

If you have a visual presentation, please have one member send the presentation to Ope@goroadi.com. The projector will be used for the presentation and you can connect your computer for the presentation, or the one being used for the event.

So far there are a total of 4 teams, the presentation order will be random, unless a team requests to go first. Presentations will start at 4pm and go till 5:00pm and the event will formally concluded at 5:30pm. 

Please begin sending in your presentations

Presentations and Q&A will…

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Public voting is now open

It's your turn to pick the Popular Choice award winner! Browse the Hack for Impact submission gallery and vote for your favorite app. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks, too!

Please note, as per the Devpost terms of service, you may not tamper with the vote process through manual or automated means, or attempt to compensate voters, at risk of disqualification.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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2 hours till completed presentations

You're almost there! By now you should have the core aspects of your prototype ready and thinking about presentating the solution. After you submit your final drafts at 2:00pm, you will be able to make minor edits to any part of your solution or presentation. 


At 3pm all submissions are final and we'll be getting ready for the presentations. Enjoy a smoothie from Fully Grown, llc! 





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7 hours remain to complete your project

We are in the second half of Hack for Impact. I hope that your teams have defined the solution, and are well into the creation of your prototype. Remember your project should be ready by 2pm today and ready to present by 3pm! Many of you are working hard through the night and its exciting to see what you will present. 


For your presentation you will need to describe:

The problem you are addressing 

Demo a functional prototype

Describe the marketibility of the solution and intended ipact


Judges will be evaluating you on the innovation of solutions presented…

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