Hack for Impact is a Hackthon being held at the Impact Hub Baltimore with the mission to foster collaboration between social change makers and technology innovators.

The 24 hour Hackathon will begin on Friday at 5:30pm and commence with the selection of a winner on Saturday at 5:30pm

Teams of developers, engineers and designers will collaborate to build and implement a solution to tackle a problem statement in one of the challenge catagories.

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$500 in prizes

Change maker

Devpost Achievements

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Ope Thomas

Ope Thomas

Alex Bullington

Alex Bullington

Gary McDaniel

Gary McDaniel

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Innovation is a combination of increased efficiency and marketability. It is not enough to have a solution developed, the solution must also be viable as a mass market product that can be commercialized to address the challenge category.